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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Custom made order organizer to fit LV Damier Neverfall totebag

Ordered by a client - THANK YOU!

Exterior view - 2 bellow pockets
3 bellow pockets
Both sides have 1 bellow pocket
-1 full size bellow pockets
-3 pen slots
-1 flat pocket

Exterior fabric - Resham cotton lawn
Interior fabric - White polka dots with black base
-Both fabrics are fully interfaced
-Straps using thin nylon webbing
-Small magnetic button for closure

-All hand made in our shop can be custom made according to your needs-


asuhara sue said...

really love the outer fabric!beli mana tu?

NYKOLETT said...

Suka beg banyak poket ni...make us more organise kan..but once you forget where you keep your things mula lah gelabah mencari all the pockets.. hihihi..happens to me all the time

Nomaliza Azman said...

Haha, Nykolett, good one, never thought about it, but at least tak perlu sepah brg dlm beg tu, cuma seluk poket shj...better. :D Or, buh nama on each pockets...keys...hp...cosmetics :)