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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clutch: Enadia Clutch

RM56 (inc. PosLaju)
Size: 28cm (wide) x 16cm (height) x 3cm (depth)
Materials: Plain cocoa (100% cotton, Thai cotton), Polka dots in dark cocoa base (100% cotton), silver coated-ware, non woven interfacing, VENUS zip, brass closure, black ric rac.

STATUS: 1 ready stock

The clutch, when detach the strap, on the d-ring you can add charms to embellish your clutch

With the strap, this is now your stylish handbag!

The hand bag

Inside view

Professional look zip 

Black ric rac for embellishment

Clutch: Enadia Clutch

RM60 (inc. PosLaju)
Size: 28cm (wide) x 16cm (height) x 3cm (depth)
Materials: Black high quality heavy cotton (100% cotton), Roses in white (Thai cotton), silver ric-rac, non vowen interfacing, quality brass-ware, VENUS zip (grey).

STATUS: 1 ready stock

The clutch
Detach the strap to use it as clutch for special occasion!
The d-ring can be added with decorative charms! :)

Add on the strap, and it is now a stylish handbag!

The hand bag 

Inside view 

Clean finish for the zip. A professional look!

Silver ric-rac as embellishment

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New brand name next year

This will be our new brand name for the products next year under CREATIVE COCOON.
What do you think? :)
NAYDEE is the name we call our little girl. And sound more like Thailand (I love Thailand hehe...)

The tag that will be attach on the products

Monday, December 12, 2011

Current work in progress (in stock product)

These are Enadia Clutch for in-stock, will upload full version after I add snap button for main closure :)
If you are interested with these, you know what to do :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Order from Nur

ENAY Long purse

Inside view

Orders by Min

ANISSA Clutch (L)

ENAY Wallet (exclusively design by Novita)

Inside view

Orders by Mazlina

SOPHIE Bag Organizer in custom size of 25cm wide x 15cm (height) x 8cm (depth)

This SOPHIE is requested to be use as pencil case, therefore, zipper is being use as closure.
Pockets on the exterior are as usual but inside is plain with no pockets

Inside view

Sunglasses pouch, padded, with wooden button embellishment

Detachable strap

Monday, December 5, 2011

Custom request and order

These clutches were custom request from Isabelle. The original design are from Ginger. If you like the design, please hop to Ginger's blog to order yours :)

I added my favourite pocket, Bellow pocket! And the strap are wider, according to Isabelle request and I add embellishment, the ric rac, I wanted to add laces and pompom but I am afraid it would be too much of girlish look. I hope Isabelle will like it!

Pencil case with wide strap

Triangle coin pouch 

Enay Wallet
Enay wallet- inside view
 Thank you Isabelle, for your order! :)