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Monday, December 5, 2011

Custom request and order

These clutches were custom request from Isabelle. The original design are from Ginger. If you like the design, please hop to Ginger's blog to order yours :)

I added my favourite pocket, Bellow pocket! And the strap are wider, according to Isabelle request and I add embellishment, the ric rac, I wanted to add laces and pompom but I am afraid it would be too much of girlish look. I hope Isabelle will like it!

Pencil case with wide strap

Triangle coin pouch 

Enay Wallet
Enay wallet- inside view
 Thank you Isabelle, for your order! :)


SCLover said...

liza.. cantik this new product :)akak suke warna2 mcm nih...

Nomaliza Azman said...

Thanks kak, bukan new product ni, custom request aje, design ni from Ginger's blog, so, Liza tak ambil design ni, just buat special request from customer aje :)