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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Selina Casual sling bag

RM60 exclude delivery charge
PosLaju: RM6
PosDaftar: RM3
*additional 1 pocket (flat pocket or zip pocket is FOC)
*the design with this fabric is out of stock, but we can remake with other fabrics in our stock

SIZE (approx.)
35cm (wide) x 30cm (height) x 6.5cm (gusset base) *side depth is 3cm

-Fully interfaced
-Adjustable strap
-2 small magnetic buttons as bag closure
-ric-rac embellishment on the bag flap

SELINA Casual Bag
modeled by 9 years old girl

Large back pocket

Ric-rac embellishment on the flap

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New design - and a contest!

This is a new design for this coming November. It's 2 way day bag (but if the shoulder strap is adjustable, it will be 3 Way Day bag!). I love multipurpose bag! This is basically a rough design just to show how it will turn out :)

*Please note that, the different color binding on the pocket flap is because I didn't have the color that I want during the making of the bag haha! and also please pardon my not so neat sewing as this is the prototype)
-2 pockets out front with flap (I'll re size the front pocket to a smaller, it looks big, isn't it? And also the closure of the flap pocket)
-Handheld strap (I'll use the same fabric as the binding on the pocket flap)
-Shoulder strap (can be made to adjustable strap)
-Pleats on 4 sides of the bag
-Zipper closure
-1 zipper pocket inside
-2 flat pocket inside
-Fully interfaced/stabilize
Price range: RM80 - RM90 (exclude delivery)

Now, the contest:

I still can't come up with a name yet, so, I need your help in deciding a nice name for the bag, please.
What you got to do is:
*Simply comment on this post and tell me why you choose the name.
*Let me know what features should I change and what should I add for the bag.
*Let more people try their luck, please spread the contest throughout your FB or blog.
* open only for residence in Malaysia.

The contest ends on the 27th Oct. 2011 at 4.00pm!

*Winner will get the bag!! Yay!

Good luck to everyone!!

-Order can be made now just to place your name in the queue. (No payment required)
-The finish product will be up after the contest end
-Final price will finalise soon after the design been release.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New design, coming soon!

While busy sewing orders for my clients, I squeeze my time to make new design for my shop. Using duck canvas (I think), the design, but I am lack of materials for the prototype, though, so, the end product will not be the same a s the real design. But, it will let you know how the design look like (roughly)...

Stay tune!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Enadia clutch - custom size

*sold to Sariati

Price: RM56
PosLaju: RM6

2.5' (depth) x 8' (height) x 11' (wide)

-2 flat slot exterior back
-1 zippered pocket
-Long adjustable and detachable strap
-Fully interfaced

Fabric: Denim in baby blue and baby blue dots in soft lawn

Enadia clutch - custom size

*sold to Suhaina

Price: RM56
PosLaju: RM6

2.5' (depth) x 8' (height) x 11' (wide)

-2 flat slot exterior back
-1 zippered pocket
-Long adjustable and detachable strap
-Fully interfaced

Fabric: Stripes turquoise and blue black

Enadia clutch

*sold to Idda
Price: RM52
PosLaju: RM6

3cm (depth) x 28cm (wide) x 16cm (height)

-1 full size pocket exterior back
-1 zippered pocket inside
-Brass snap button for main closure
-Long adjustable and detachable stap
-Fully interfaced

Fabric: Denim in baby blue and flowers with butterflies in English cotton

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sophie Organizer (handbag organizer)

Ordered by Mazlina

Price: RM30
PosDaftar: RM3
PosLaju: RM5

Size (approx.)
7cm (depth) x 23cm (length) x 13cm (height)

-Fully lined
-Exterior: 2 bellow pockets, 2 side flat pocket (1 on each side) and 1 full size flat pocket
-Interior: 2 bellow pockets, 1 semi bellow pockets, 2 side flat pocket (1 on each side) and 3 cubes for lip gloss, pen and etc.
-Small handles for easier to remove from a handbag to another!

* in this post, the organizer is in Resham Cambric in White and Pink with glitters. It can also be reversible since it used the same fabric in and out.

Inside view

The tubes compartment!

The glitters detail

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New products


This blog will be uploaded with hand made baby wear and girls outfit.
It's a dedication for my two daughters.

It is still under construction, though, and hopefully will be loads of them in the future, InsyaAllah.

In the mean time, visit my hand made bags blog at creative cocoon studio

Anissa Clutch

Anissa Clutch (inspired design by keykalou) - ordered by Nurul Aina
*Available also in size L
Price: RM30
PosDaftar: RM3
PosLaju: RM5

Size (approx.)
12cm (height) x 22cm (biggest body part) x 16.5cm (opening)

-Brass snap button
-Fully interfaced
-1 pocket front

Bulk order for Idda

Pencil case/Simple wristlet
Size: 9' x 5'

-Detachable strap (some with only D-ring strap)
-Fully interfaced
-Rounded tip

-Minumum order for bulk/wholesale order are 2 dozen.
-Please contact Creative Cocoon for pricing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Jue Bag set

Baby Jue set - RM120
PosLaju - RM6
Baby Jue Bag (in new design) - RM85
PosLaju - RM6
Instead of zipper on flat pocket, the new design is with flap pocket and bellow pocket.
-1 full size flap pocket
-1 half size flap pocket
-3 bellow pockets
-4 bellow pockets (interior bag)
-2 small magnetic buttons for main bag closure
-Velcro closure for all pocket with flaps

33cm x 33cm x 13cm (depth)

The flap pocket replacing the previous design

Back view
Simple case comes together with the bag
SIZE: 9' x 5' (approx.)

Baby Jue Organizer - RM56
PosLaju - RM6

- 6 bellow pockets on exterior
-1 full size pocket interior
-Magnetic button closure

SIZE : 12cm (depth) x 26cm (wide) x 23cm (height)