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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New design - and a contest!

This is a new design for this coming November. It's 2 way day bag (but if the shoulder strap is adjustable, it will be 3 Way Day bag!). I love multipurpose bag! This is basically a rough design just to show how it will turn out :)

*Please note that, the different color binding on the pocket flap is because I didn't have the color that I want during the making of the bag haha! and also please pardon my not so neat sewing as this is the prototype)
-2 pockets out front with flap (I'll re size the front pocket to a smaller, it looks big, isn't it? And also the closure of the flap pocket)
-Handheld strap (I'll use the same fabric as the binding on the pocket flap)
-Shoulder strap (can be made to adjustable strap)
-Pleats on 4 sides of the bag
-Zipper closure
-1 zipper pocket inside
-2 flat pocket inside
-Fully interfaced/stabilize
Price range: RM80 - RM90 (exclude delivery)

Now, the contest:

I still can't come up with a name yet, so, I need your help in deciding a nice name for the bag, please.
What you got to do is:
*Simply comment on this post and tell me why you choose the name.
*Let me know what features should I change and what should I add for the bag.
*Let more people try their luck, please spread the contest throughout your FB or blog.
* open only for residence in Malaysia.

The contest ends on the 27th Oct. 2011 at 4.00pm!

*Winner will get the bag!! Yay!

Good luck to everyone!!

-Order can be made now just to place your name in the queue. (No payment required)
-The finish product will be up after the contest end
-Final price will finalise soon after the design been release.

1 comment:

zilozz79 said...

tambah hidden pocket kat belakang bag
ruffles ditambah di poket bag