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Friday, April 29, 2011

New design (prototype)

NEW! Kaloui Clutch

We're currently making this design base on keykalou pattern. But this design is drafted by us, not purchase from keykalou :)
We  added a strap and probably will add a zipper pocket at the back.
This is still in prototype state, will be available in two sizes for May, 2011

In May, we will make a mother and daughter set with special price!
Place your order/query now :)

Also for Teacher's Day as well.

The service giveaway is officially closed and the winners are...

6 contestants enter my service giveaway and they are:
-Azura Aziz
-CheYah Chomel
-d'amani cottontheraphy
-Shubie Mohan

And the 2 winners are.....

d'amani cottontheraphy



To both winners, do contact me via for more info.

And as for the rest of the contestants, all of you are entitle to get my service for 50% less of product price with free delivery postage!
*one product per contestant
*using your own fabrics

Thank you so much for those who entered my 2nd Service giveaway!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Our products price now are not include the delivery fee. Currently, we are using 2 methods of delivery:

Please include RM4 for delivery

Please include RM6-RM8 depending your parcel weight if it's under RM80 product value.
Items above RM80 is postage free!

Thank you.

Handbag Organizer (SOPHIE)

23cm x 14cm x 7cm
RM30 exclude delivery postage
 (RM2 for PosDaftar or RM6 for PosLaju)

-4 bellow pockets on exterior
 (2 pockets on each side)
-1 full size bellow pocket inside
-3 pen slots
-1 half size bellow pocket

-Fully lined and interfaced with medium fusible interfacing
-Exterior and interior using high quality English cotton, from CottonZone

                         1 IN STOCK
                                    CAN BE REMAKE

Bulk orders - 20 small sling bags

Small sling goodies bags
-custom order-
-20cm (height) x 15 cm (wide)
-80cm and 90cm sling handle length
-Velcro tabs
-Fully lined

Monday, April 25, 2011

Update on 2nd Service giveaway participants

Here are the update for our 2nd service giveaway participants:

-Azura Aziz
-CheYah Chomel
-d'amani cottontheraphy
-Rosh (still waiting for her blog post on this giveaway :))

Come on...the more the merrier...join in the fun, hurry! 3 more days to go :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Jue Tote (original) comes with matching Kartika

RM85 + RM4 (delivery postage)

-Full length flap pocket with Velcro closure
-1 bellow pocket
-1 half bellow pocket
-1 zipper pocket

-3 bellow pockets
-1 stylish bellow pocket
-1 swivel hook
-1small bellow pocket with flap for cell or small items

-Main bag closure using magnetic button with wooden button embellishment
-Short shoulder straps (nylon webbing with sew exterior fabric on top webbing)
-Detachable shoulder strap

-Exterior fabric is English cotton (soft cotton)
-Interior fabric is English cotton
-Bag are fully interface with medium fusible interfacing and exterior fabric are also lined with canvas fabric for extra sturdy.
-A matching Kartika or any small pouch (pencil case/hp case/custom request matching item by clients)

STATUS: SOLD (also available to order)

Small bellow pocket with flap for small items

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nadiah Pouch

 Ordered by client in Wangsa Maju

Using swiss cotton in red blooms.
Fully interfaced.
YKK zipper.

A pocket inside

4 gathered HP cases (finalise)

Gathered HP cases cum wristlets
Custom made order by client in Kg. Pandan

Please take note that gathered case is not our official product.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hi all,
If you are planning to place order by using own fabrics, please take note that we do not accept fabrics from these materials show below.

The reasons are it ravels quite a lot and also jeopardizing our craftsmanship as well. The fabrics are heavy cotton/upholstery and usually come in RM12/m price range. Thank you and highly appreciated if you could email us the fabrics before we make our decision.

Thank you.

Liza A.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orders from a client in Melaka

2 Owen Office totes, 2 Kartikas and a little gift
Thank you for your order!

Owen Office tote

Monday, April 11, 2011

2nd Service giveaway from us!

Hello all blogger/facebook account users,

Do you like our products? Do you want us to make a bag for you for free using your own fabrics...? Yeah, you heard right. *For free. We are promoting our products and craftsmanship thru this giveaway. If you have your own fabrics to use to make bag from our product range, or have any particular design in mind for us to custom made for you, all you got to do are:

-Blog about what kind of bag do you want us to make for you and upload the fabrics that you have in your stock to make the bag and the bag design that you like in case it is not in our product range (must have picture of the fabrics - both exterior and lining).
-Leave a comment here in this post to direct link to your blog/facebook.
-Spread the news how ever you like be it in your blog or facebook

*Free means, free service, you only have to pay for the delivery postage/sending your fabrics postage.

Giveaway open until 28th April, 2011

*This open to all blogger/facebook user worldwide. Remember that you'll be paying for the delivery service and we'll ONLY providing the service :)

2 WINNERS will be select. Are you the lucky two? :)

OPSS...Be our follower in facebook page or here in our shop blog as well...

New fabrics are uploaded and Orders are now open!

I have uploaded new fabrics at little-iro-iro facebook page and visit our page for new updates. And orders are open as usual. Happy Monday...happy browsing and happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gathered hp clutch (waiting for comfirmation of size)

4' x 6' (inc. seam)
(Fabrics from client's own)

-Partially interfaced
-Zipper closure
-Detachable strap

We accept this kind of custom made order, however,
the size must be bigger that 7' x 5' (the size of pencil case or cosmetic pouch)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Custom order- hand phone case

10cm x 14cm

-Fully interfaced
-Detachable handle
-A flat pocket inside

(all wristlet and simple pouches as these can be custom made to suit your needs)

Japanese cotton strawberry prints

English cotton pale pink with white polkadots

Ceases effect fabric (RM75/m fabric - soft and shear)

6 Kartikas

(Fully reserved, can be made to order)

-Fully interfaced
-Longer strap, can be use as wristlet
-Detachable handle

Monday, April 4, 2011

Custom order Enadia clutch

-Thank You-
The clutch

With added zipper closure

The strap is about 34cm and can be adjust
to shorter length for wristlet use

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get ready for the 2nd service give away from us!

Hi all,

Just to announce, that we will organize our 2nd service give away soon, so, get ready with your fabrics ladies!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Please take note!


Many get confuse with our simple version Baby Jue Tote.
What you see in the picture is the Simple version of Baby Jue Tote which is supposedly WITHOUT the flap closure.

The bag in the pic. showed below is a request ONLY for our REGULAR clients.

Being our regular client have so many benefits.
Why not be one :)