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Friday, April 29, 2011

New design (prototype)

NEW! Kaloui Clutch

We're currently making this design base on keykalou pattern. But this design is drafted by us, not purchase from keykalou :)
We  added a strap and probably will add a zipper pocket at the back.
This is still in prototype state, will be available in two sizes for May, 2011

In May, we will make a mother and daughter set with special price!
Place your order/query now :)

Also for Teacher's Day as well.


SCLover said... baru !!

Nomaliza Azman said...

Thanks kak :) Suka beg akak lah! Kak, jom exchange bag ;)

asuhara sue said...

me too...sangat suka. fabric pun cute! jom2 exchange bag! ( sokong liza!)

Liza Masrina Ibrahim said...

really nice.. are you selling? if you are akak nak la yang ni.. how much?