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Monday, July 4, 2011

Join our 3rd cum 2nd Giveaway -from us and D'Amani Cottontherapy

Hi all,
It's time for another giveaway for D'Amani Cottontherapy, and us!
We've decided to hold it together since D'Amani Cottontherapy is very kind enough to sponsor some of their gorgeous fabrics, and we have the skill  to turn them into handmades!

Their fabrics selections are...

we're giving away four (4) ANISSA clutches:
one from each design of fabrics above and four (4) NICKY drawstring pouches:
so 8 winners all together...! The details of the giveaway, as follows:
DURATION: 4-17 July, 2011
to participate, please:
a) follow us and D'Amani Cottontherapy (if you haven't)
b) like us/become our friend at our facebook pages (if you haven't)
c) let us know "what's your opinion about handmade items?"
d) leave your comment here with the link of your blog entry about this giveaway, or you can do that at the D'Amani Cottoctherapy's website; you don't have to comment at both sites

Once announced, the winners will get to choose from the eight items, on a first-in, first-served basis
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.All the best everyone!


juzbetty said...

really interested to join.
this is my link:

I think your handmade items and choice of fabrics are just fabulous. They are practical and neatly sewn. The fabric selections add more zest to the designs!! I love them.

~ raihazi ~ said...

salam.. saya join giveaway kali ni :)

p/s : nak sangat menang anissa clutches tu dgn fabrik no4! da bomb!

Zulleen said...

hai adik bongsu...akak pun nak join GA ni...this is my link :-

ok thanks

Zulleen said...

hai adik bongsu, thanks coz anjurkan GA nie...akak nak join ni:-

this is the link:-

thanks :)

anisalya said...

join GA yang menarik ni...

hasil jahitan anda mengagumkan...

Afzaniza Hany said...

salam...liza n d'amani...

ngeee...nak join giveaway nih...memandangkan birthday akak 16 july ni,kalo dapat anissa clutch bleh wat hadiah birthday...hehehe...

a)dah follow 2-2 blog..
b)dah like both fb...
c)handmade items...hany sendiri buat handmade smocking dress/gown jadi pandangan terhadap handmade items ni yg penting sekali kekemasan jahitan kite dan juga keunikkan yang dapat kite hasilkan dan seterusnya dapat memberikan kepuasan kepada pemilik dari barangan yang kite hasilkan...dan hany sangat sangat dan sangaaaaaatttt yakin yang hasil jahitan liza sangat sangat dan sangaaaatttt kemas dan unik...ditambah plak bila gunakan fabric desinger d'amani...lagi terserlah...
d)ni link akak...
e)dah announced kat blog akak pasal giveaway nih (termasuk dlm syarat gak ker?)...hehehe...