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Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Jue Orgnizer in Sirpa Cowell

Size:12cm x 23cm 26cm


EXTERIOR: IKEA of Sweden AB by Sirpa Cowell 2008 -OUT OF STOCK
INTERIOR: Big colorful English cotton

-Nylon webbing handles with exterior fabric sew on.
-7 pockets on the exterior (bellows pockets)
-1 big pocket inside (bellows pocket)
-velcro as organizer main closure.

STATUS : PinkyLady's

1 comment:

♥ naurahbaiti ♥ said...

hey :)
yg ny dot nye dekat dalam , kalau dot nye kat luwa ade tak ?
kalau ade reply dekat mail i :)
pencil box ke ape ape ke yg colourful dots mail dekat i :D
thanks :)
*nk beli . bling bling* :)