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Monday, October 25, 2010

INTRODUCING: Baby Jue Tote (M) and Organizer set

A unique design only from : ♥ enaysa ♥:

It can be use with the Baby Jue organizer to complete the baby bag or you can use the bag alone as tote for shopping or hang out with friends.

SIZE: 13cm x 33cm x 33cm

PRICE WITH SET: RM160 (inclusive delivery charge)

BABY JUE TOTE: RM120 (delivery charge not included)

BABY JUE ORGANIZER: RM52 (delivery charge not included)

Exterior fabrics
-English cotton in blooming pastel flowers
-English cotton in pink with white polka dots
-English cotton/upholstery in Y'tulip kisscurl
Fully interfaced
Interior fabrics
-Upholstery beige-ochre in songket-like design
-Cotton in mix checkered color
♥ Fully interfaced
Exterior features:
-1 small bellows pocket
-1 flat pocket
-1 zipper pocket
-1 full length pocket with flap
Interior features:
-2 bellows pockets.
-1 stylish full length pocket.
-1 small pocket with flap for small items.
-1 swivel chain for keys.
-All flaps closure using Velcro.
-Bag main closure using magnetic button.
-Handles are black nylon webbing with sew on exterior fabric.



-Both exterior and interior fabric are the same with the baby bag.
-Organizer's closure is magnetic button.
-7 bellows pockets on exterior and 1 big bellows pocket for the interior.
-Black nylon webbing with sew on exterior fabric.

*sew on fabric to the handles are iro-iro crafts shack trademark
*photo credit to Mahadzir Othman


Azaidris said...


Sangat suka kain for these bags. Sweeeet sgt.
Love the baby Jue Tote design too-very practical :).

I notice that in your work, u would normally use upholstery /home decor fabric. If u don't mind me asking, does it gives a better feel & shape to the bag? Tak perlu guna interfacing?
Macam Elyza punya fabric ke?

Sorry byk pulak soalan. Sbb i normally guna jap cotton je. Teringin jugak nak try kain lain if it gives better results hehehe..

Nomaliza Azman said...

Hi Aza, usually upholstery fabric I guna untuk lining, depending on the materials juga, ada upholstery fabric yg cepat lusuh walaupun belum pernah dibasuh. So, if you nak guna fabrik upholstery, be xtra careful bila beli kain jenis ni. Sometimes I interface juga kain ni, kalau yg jenis betul2 tebal, mmg tak perlu guna interface. I suka corak jap cotton n english cotton. Fabrik jenis2 ni extra soft, so memang kena pakai interface.

Hope these help! :)